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Our doctors aren't just here to sign your application and send you away. We want to know that you have all of the right tools to manage your symptoms during your consultation with us. 

We offer services that help you every step of the way during your treatment with medical cannabis. All of our services are listed to the right.


If you are new to the process and don't know how it works or where to start, here is some basic information:

1) The Department of Health processes the applications and issues the cards for medical cannabis patients. They also oversee all of the legal stuff for patients, doctors, and cardholders involved with the program.

2) You MUST have a valid New Mexico ID or driver's license to submit your application (per the Dept of Health). They do accept temporary IDs, but only if you have your old ID with it. Your old ID may be out of state.

3) A prescribing clinician needs to sign your application. By signing your application the clinician is recommending you for participation in the program. Not to be confused with a prescription from a clinician. Medical Cannabis Cards clinics exist because many clinicians can't sign the application or don't want to. Why can't they? If their place of work accepts any federal funding (aka Medicaid or Medicare), this is a conflict of interest. The doctors at medical cannabis cards clinics are technically private practice which removes the conflict of interest.

4) You MUST have a qualifying medical condition and the documentation to prove it. There are 28 medical conditions that the Dept of Health accepts. 26 of them are physical conditions and 2 are psychological. For the complete list, click here.

New P.T.S.D. Medical Cannabis Evaluation

For first time applicants who suffer from PTSD

Renewals for the Medical Cannabis Program

We recommend renewing 45-90 days before the expiration date


If you have a medical card and need a caregiver

Medical Cannabis Education

Free information classes about medical cannabis

New Physical Condition Medical Cannabis Evaluation

For first time applicants who have a qualifying physical condition

New Young Adult P.T.S.D. and Physical Condition Evaluations

Consultations for children and young adults

License to Grow

For those who already have their medical cards

Medical Cannabis Consultations & Treatment Plans

Personalized treatment to address all of your questions

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