CBD Isolate Oil (250mg)

CBD Isolate Oil (250mg)




Suggested CBD Dosages (once or twice Daily):
To Relieve Anxiety: 4 - 8mg Recommended 125 – 250 mg CBD Oil
To Relieve Chronic Pain: 8 - 20mg Recommended 250 – 600 mg CBD Oil
To Improve/Induce Sleep: 8 - 20mg Recommended 400 – 600 mg CBD Oil
To Relieve Seizures/Tremors: 13 - 20mg Recommended 400 – 900 mg CBD Oil
For Tumor Growth/Cancer: 20 - 60mg Recommended 600 – 900 mg CBD Oil

Dosage recommendations are suggestions only, because every person is different, their sensitivities are different, or their needs may be different. The more CBD is deficient in the body the more the body readily absorbs it, not necessarily causing any drowsiness at higher doses. For example people with cancer can take up to 150 mg per day without drowsiness, only relief.

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