Renewals for the Medical Cannabis Program


Yes, you do still have to go see a doctor for your re-enrollment but you don't have to go to the same doctor who you got your card from the first time. Renewing your medical cannabis card is much easier than your initial evaluation.

Keep in mind that while your card is good for three years, you still have to see a doctor every year to stay an active cardholder. 



  • A valid NM ID or drivers license. Temporary IDs are accepted ONLY with the old ID to accompany it. The old ID may be out-of-state.

  • You must know what approved medical condition you received your card for. If you have documentation from your previous renewals or medical records showing that you suffer from your approved condition, it would be helpful to bring those but it is not required.

Accepted medical conditions

for NM cannabis cardholders

➺ Amyotrophic later sclerosis (ALS)

➺ Cancer

➺ Crohn's disease

➺ Epilepsy

➺ Glaucoma

➺ Hepatitis C currently receiving treatment


➺ Huntington's diseaseHospice care

➺ Inclusion body myositis

➺ Inflammatory autoimmune-mediated arthritis (RA)

➺ Intractable nausea/vomiting

➺ Multiple sclerosis (MS)

➺ Damage to the nervous tissue of the spinal cord with proof of intractable spasticity

➺ Obstructive sleep apnea

➺ Painful peripheral neuropathy

➺ Parkinson's disease

➺ Post-traumatic stress disorder

➺ Severe chronic pain

➺ Severe anorexia/cachexia

➺ Spasmodic torticollis (cervical dystonia)

➺ Ulcerative colitis