New Young Adult P.T.S.D. and Physical Condition Evaluations


We understand that looking into medical cannabis for your child as an alternative medicine can be nerve racking for both the child and the parent. Our cannabis-friendly providers can help direct you through this transition. We work with the family throughout the medical cannabis card year. A parent or guardian will need to provide a 50 state background check along with the minor's birth certificate. Our psychiatric MD can diagnose PTSD if your child meets the criteria. All other conditions will require medical records from the minor's PCP or specialist. 



Young adults are considered to be under 18 years old. In order for minors to be approved, medical cannabis cardholders in New Mexico, they are required to have three items:

  1. A valid New Mexico ID or drivers license or birth certificate. Temporary IDs are accepted ONLY with the old ID to accompany it. The old ID may be out-of-state.

  2. Recent medical documentation supporting diagnosis of the accepted medical condition. Medical documentation must be in the form of Progress or Clinic Notes. Please see below for specifications based on the approved medical condition*. We are more than happy to request your records for you if you do not have them on hand. Go to our Forms page for the Medical Records Release Form.

  3. A caregiver who will submit a Caregiver Application along with the minor's application. The doctor must sign the Caregiver Application and a federal background check must be submitted with it. We do not charge to sign the application but there may be a fee associated with the background check.

*Documentation requirements:

  • Chronic pain: At least one Progress Note within the last 12 months specifically documenting pain AND at least one Progress Note dated at least 6 months or more from the date of your other Progress Note specifically documenting the same pain. If you see a Primary Care Physician or specialist regularly for pain, we recommend obtaining the last 12-18 months of medical records depending on how often you see them.

  • Glaucoma: Documentation within the last 12 months, either from your ophthalmologist or PCP specifically documenting glaucoma.

  • Hepatitis C (must be receiving antiviral treatment): At least one Progress Note within the last 12 months specifically documenting your condition and showing that you are currently receiving anti-viral treatment.

  • Inflammatory autoimmune-mediated arthritis: Documentation within the last 12-18 months, from your specialist or PCP, of an appointment that specifically indicates that you have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, immune-mediated polyarthritis, or Becet's.

  • Obstructive sleep apnea: Documentation within the last 12 months, either from a sleep study or from a PCP, of an appointment that specifically documents obstructive sleep apnea as a diagnosis.

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): Documentation within the last 12 months from a therapist, counselor, or PCP specifically documenting PTSD. The only provider that can diagnose PTSD for minors is our psychiatric MD.

  • All other accepted medical conditions: Documentation within the last 12-18 months, either from a specialist or PCP, of a visit that specifically documents your condition as a diagnosis.

Accepted medical conditions

for NM cannabis cardholders

➺ Amyotrophic later sclerosis (ALS)

➺ Cancer

➺ Crohn's disease

➺ Epilepsy

➺ Glaucoma

➺ Hepatitis C currently receiving treatment


➺ Huntington's diseaseHospice care

➺ Inclusion body myositis

➺ Inflammatory autoimmune-mediated arthritis (RA)

➺ Intractable nausea/vomiting

➺ Multiple sclerosis (MS)

➺ Damage to the nervous tissue of the spinal cord with proof of intractable spasticity

➺ Obstructive sleep apnea

➺ Painful peripheral neuropathy

➺ Parkinson's disease

➺ Post-traumatic stress disorder

➺ Severe chronic pain

➺ Severe anorexia/cachexia

➺ Spasmodic torticollis (cervical dystonia)

➺ Ulcerative colitis