To us, Education & Community are everything

We are your traveling cannabis cards clinic

Here to help patients every step of the way

We believe that patients should not only have access to medical cannabis but that they should have all of the tools they need to manage their symptoms successfully. We work hard to help take the guess work out of medicating.

Take charge of your own health

The beauty of medical cannabis is that it responds to your individual makeup which gives you the freedom to figure out what works best for you. Ask any questions you have while you're getting started. We are here for you.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Why homegrown?

Our office, your safe zone

We are committed to treating every single patient with the same level of care and respect. No matter who you are or your walk of life, we accept you for who you are. Safe Zone certified is specific to the LGBTQ community, but we feel the same courtesy should be given to everyone.

We offer product & Dosing recommendations

We know that the idea of using medical cannabis can feel overwhelming at first and we want you to leave your appointment feeling comfortable and confident. If you have any specific questions about where to start or even how to fine tune your existing regimen, ask us before, during, or any time after your appointment. We are here for you when you need us. 

we are our community

We know that the cost of a medical cannabis card can be hard to come up with for some or that it is hard to travel to a nearby cannabis doctor. To help, we always offer payment plans, Veteran discounts, and regularly run special cost breaks. We also travel to many locally owned locations around NM to help provide convenience for smaller communities.

Our prices are transparent

We believe in the integrity of upfront and fair pricing

  • We always offer a 15% discount for Veterans 

  • No extra fee to sign your Caregiver's Application

  • No extra fee to provide you with a free Personal Production Application to grow

  • No extra mailing postage for your application. We hand deliver applications to the Department of Health every Wednesday.                                                 

Just ask when you come in for your appointment

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